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For over a decade, Swisspers, and its distinctive purple, have been recognised as the benchmark for 'pure softness' amongst cotton products. In fact the Swisspers brand is now synonymous with gentle, practical, innovative and high quality products across the skin and personal care categories. Swisspers cotton products are trusted by families, and especially loved by women and mums throughout Australia.

Made from 100% cotton and specifically designed to make beauty routines easier, Swisspers cotton balls and pads are an essential part of many women's make-up kit. They're perfect for removing and applying make-up, lotions, nail polish and cleansers. Swisspers Cotton Pads have a quilted surface that ensures they're ultra soft, absorbent and hygienic. Swisspers Cotton Tips are also ideal for make-up, baby care and first aid. The Swisspers Cotton range are ideal for times when 'pure softness' is what's needed. They're soft on babies sensitive skin, gentle on that grazed knee and an effective part of your makeup regimen.

As it grew into a market leading brand, Swisspers then developed pre-moistened pads and facial wipes that have also become an everyday beauty essential for many women. Swisspers range of facial wipes are infused with natural ingredients that put balance and moisture back into the skin, while removing makeup and impurities. 'Always soft and moist', Swisspers facial wipes provide soft, fresh skin on the go.

With the growing popularity of the Swisspers brand, a new skincare range Swisspers Naturals, launched in 2012. The new Swisspers Naturals is made up of 7 products that utilise the refreshing and purifying properties of Aloe Vera. The range is naturally rich in Antioxidants, Vitamins, Jojoba and gentle Aloe extract to protect and hydrate the skin. Like many Swisppers products, the skin is left soft, healthy and refreshed.

Swisspers is an iconic Australian brand with a proven history of developing products that become everyday beauty essentials or practical, family basics. We are always innovating and looking to create refreshing, practical products that make caring for your body and skin so much easier.