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Swisspers range of cotton products can be both everyday beauty essentials or practical, family basics. Whether its tending to that grazed knee from the play ground or getting just the right look when smoothing on foundation, the whole family can benefit from the 'pure softness' of Swisspers 100% cotton pads, balls and tips.

Swisspers cotton products are perfect part of your beauty routine. When applying make-up, blending and smoothing foundation or eye-shadow and eyeliner can make all the difference to your look. Swisspers cotton pads, balls and tips help you more easily achieve that professional looking finish you've been aiming for.

At the end of a long day it can be easy to just leave makeup cleansing until the morning, but even when you're exhausted it's a good idea to remove your make-up before bed each night. This ensures your skin can breathe and helps your pores to remain unclogged. Swisspers cotton balls and pads help remove all make-up quickly and easily, while cotton tips are gentle and versatile enough to clean around the ears and delicate eye area. Try Swisspers 100% cotton products as part of your make-up application and removal routine and see why so many women rely on the pure softness of Swisspers cotton.